Diane Buchwalder

About Me

This is a little background about me and my interests; if you are looking for my tech specs, you will find a link to my résumé in the menu.

Although my undergrad study was in civil engineering (and a little bit of art history), I really enjoy a variety of projects. I studied a year of architecture and am currently studying themed entertainment design, but I also do a lot on my own. For example, I make all my own Halloween costumes, props, and some decorations as well.

In the future I would love to be a part of designing museums, sets, theme parks, or something anywhere along those lines, though I also have a love for sustainability. I fell in love with the themed entertainment field when I was about ten years old and visited the Center of Science and Industry (COSI). Though I adored their Progress exhibit at a younger age (a walk-through look at how cities changed from 1868 to 1962), in their new location I became obsessed with Adventure, an Indiana-Jones-esque treasure hunt which teaches kids the scientific process. (It didn't hurt that it was filled with secret codes to break!)

Me at COSI's Adventure!

Me at Adventure!, circa 2010


I also have a great love of theme and amusement parks, luckily fostered by my proximity to King's Island and Americana (also known as Lesourdesville Lake).

The Serpent

Myself and friends in front of my first rollercoaster


Aside from my loves of fiction, fun, and learning (I am a big reader), musical performance has been a large part of my life and has given me a great appreciation for presentation. Though I have played several different instruments since early grade school, and was involved in many musical, drama, and arts groups in high school and college, my greatest challenges and accomplishments come from my few years in drum corps.

The Troopers, 2009

The beginning of our 2009 show with Troopers, "Western Side Story"


Dedicating an entire summer to learning and mastering one show has given me the ability to find a depth of storytelling I would not have otherwise encountered. It requires great technical skill, but also the ability to find deep emotion in everyday, 12-hour-day rote rehearsal. After three years it is something I cannot leave behind, and I work to put that dedication and detailed focus into all of my endeavors.

I am currently thrilled to be studying themed entertainment design at the Savannah College of Art and Design; I recently joined the TEA and IAAPA as a student member, and I hope to get involved even more!